"Knowledge and experience shared by Natalie outside my
specialized field has been invaluable, especially in the field
of marketing and administering a small business".


What would you like to do?

There are a number of ways we can work together to get more from your business.

Work smarter

It’s your business and you should be spending time on the processes that will earn you a living.

  • Do you have clear processes in place to make your daily duties run smoothly & efficiently?
  • Is your workspace organised in a way that gives you a clear head each day to make good decisions?
  • Do the processes you have in place help you to earn money and achieve your final goals?
This is what I can help you with:
  • Process improvement - create processes to streamline your paperwork, speed things up and work more efficiently
  • Administration - Pass me your boring administrative tasks (because I love them!) - remotely or on-site (COVID safety procedures apply)
  • Typing - I can quickly and accurately process any important documents you have to get out

  • Systemising and streamlining your processes can save you time and money. This can also include the way you contact clients, invoicing, recruiting personnel or simply how you deal with your incoming e-mails.

    Increase your income

    You’re in business to make money. Let’s not make this difficult. You should also be having fun along the way and if neither of these are happening, something needs to change.

    Together we can:

    • Analyse current performance. Using various tools, we can look at current performance, find areas of improvement and ensure you are meeting targets that will make the profit you want;
    • Reduce your expenditure.  It’s all very well increasing income but if you’re spending money as quickly as you make it, you’ll never succeed.
    • Regular monitoring.  Using Key Performance Indicators, we will develop ways to ensure you stay on track and continually find the best way of making a profit.
    This is what I can help you with:
    • Implementation and analysis of Key Performance Indicators to ensure you are focusing your marketing efforts in the right place
    • Work with your management accountants to provide regular reporting on a monthly basis
    • Look at new ways of boosting your business performance

    Analysing your figures each month can really help to focus your business efforts & ensure that YOUR time & money is spent in the right places.

    Sell your amazing product (s!)

    You can never have too many customers & keeping your company name at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the services you offer should be key to moving your business forward.

    Do people know what you do? Do you tell people about what you do? Do you ask for reviews from happy customers?

    Marketing is never just one thing. It comprises of many tools, all of which can help your business but some will be more effective than others.

    • Identify the best channels of Marketing to tell people what you do;
    • Ensure that your business comes further up in the search engines when people search for you on the internet;
    • Ensure that your image and brand is strong so people won’t forget you.
    • Make your customers want YOUR product over your competitors.
    This is what I can help you with:
  • Regular newsletters to tell your customers (and potential customers) what you are doing whilst driving more people to your website
  • Analyse all channels of media to promote your product or service
  • Help to develop marketing strategies to increase income
  • Look at social media opportunities to suit your business

  • Sometimes you can be so close to your own business & miss the most obvious opportunities that could open so many more doors for your business.