Why should you ask for Google reviews?

Google review post Personal Best WoodchesterpngI have sent out some of these campaigns for a few of my customers already in the past few weeks and the reviews are already coming in.  It really is one of those 'if you don't ask, you don't get' scenarios.  So why now?

  1. Have you seen the TV adverts lately for Google reviews?  If not, have a peek here....Celebrities such as Sheridan Smith are helping to promote local businesses following a harsh year of business closures.  People are feeling the love for local business at the moment so make the most of it!  Send a Mailchimp campaign (I can help with this) or simple as your customers on a daily basis!
  2. Google reviews, when they come in regularly, help to boost your ranking in Google meaning more people will find your business.  Your website is automatically reindexed within Google every time you make a change.  But how many times do you change your website per week/month?  By asking for google reviews, this is effectively doing this update for you.
  3. If you were to choose one of the businesses below, I would think like me you would go for the one with the most reviews???  Google reviewsJPG

  4. It costs NOTHING to ask your customers to leave you a review if they have had a good experience but the reward could bring you hundreds of pounds in new business.
  5. It's a great way to learn if what you are doing as a business is working!  Even negative reviews can be a useful lesson to learn from.
  • Don't make this a one off - ask regularly.  There is nothing worse than looking at a businesses reviews and seeing that the last one left was two years ago.
  • Even better, make it part of an automated process as part of your business 'customer journey' (I can help with this)
  • Make it easy for your customers to leave a review by providing them with a link.  Let me know if you need help with this.
  • Customers will need to have a Gmail or Google account and again, many will be prepared to sign up for one if you make it clear how easy it is.
  • If you do receive a bad review, DON'T PANIC!!!!  Actively and urgently responding and offering a resolution will show customers that you care about their business.
Go for it!!!